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Opening hours


Bringing your dog, picking it up or a tour is only possible by appointment within the opening hours below. This so that we can spend most of the time with the dogs.
If you wish a different time, we can always look at the possibilities in consultation.

Boarding house

Picking up and dropping off your dog(s) is possible within the times stated below. We ask you to choose a part of the day in advance. 

Forgot which part of the day you chose or does it later turn out that this is not convenient? Please contact us. The selected part of the day can also be found at all times in the online customer portal.


We understand that it is not realistic for our (regular) daycare customers to bring and pick up the dog(s) within our regular opening hours.

We are happy to make an exception for this! Contact us for the possibilities.



For current tour options,click here.

Would you like a guided tour? We are happy to contribute to that! 

Of course, our guests come first.

To ensure that our guests can also enjoy some well-deserved rest in addition to playing, we have a maximum of 1 guided tour per day. 

The tours are possible by appointment from Monday to Saturday.


We do not provide guided tours on Sundays, public holidays and school holidays.

Unfortunately, it is also not possible to look inside the kennels during these periods. 


Note: We ask that you do not bring the dog on the tour for current guests. If you would like to take the dog with you for specific reasons. Then let us know. Then we will of course look at the possibilities.

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