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Playing fields

At Dog-Village we think it is important that your dog can enjoy himself.

We therefore have 2 outdoor fields with (artificial) grass and 1 indoor field with (artificial) grass. 

This way our guests can play nicely, even in extreme heat or bad weather!


In addition to playing, rest is also very important for your dog. All our guests have their own kennel and only stay in a kennel with other dogs from the same family. Your dog does not have to share his resting place with a strange dog. 

We are a new dog boarding house where our guests really come first. For this reason, we think it is important that your dog has space. With kennel surfacesvarying from 4m2 to over 7m2  we therefore comply with the guidelines!

All our guests have access to a decking/basket and possibly a blanket.  Bringing your own basket or blanket is not necessary, but is of course allowed. 

Daily schedule​

'Early in the morning all the dogs go outside to get some fresh air and do their needs. After this they come in to enjoy van fresh water with breakfast.

After they have been able to slowly lower the food, the morning can really start.

We look at what each dog needs and therefore we do not have a fixed layout. All dogs go outside several times a day. One dog will enjoy playing and romping with friends, while the other may be just for the  extra attention with of course hugs and jitters in the office. This is how we try to give all dogs the attention they need. 

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