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House rules  


  • Social towards people:  We require your dog to be social with people as it is no good for anyone if accidents happen. A trial day is not necessary at first with us. When in doubt about social behavior towards people, we ask you to schedule a trial day. We reserve the right to refuse your dog at any time, if in doubt about social behavior. 

  • Social towards dogs:  Of course our guests can play together during their stay. To prevent accidents, we are careful with this and we pay extra attention when searching for a good match. Does your dog prefer not to play together or is he/she not social? This is also no problem for us, if indicated in advance. Certain breeds and naturally very dominant dogs, we do not let us play together with other dogs.

  • Guided tours / watching in the kennel:  These are possible by appointment from Monday to Saturday.
    Unfortunately, taking a look is not possible during school holidays and on Sundays and public holidays. 

  • Passport: It is a legal requirement to provide us with a valid vaccination booklet or passport. This must remain with the dog at all times during the stay. Also for day care. Copies, photos, etc. are not valid proof.  

  • Own risk: The stay of your dog(s) is at your own risk. Any veterinary costs incurred during the stay will be charged to you.  

  • Catered: We expect your pet to be brought to us with a groomed coat and in good health. If the dog has an unkempt coat (tangles, felt, etc.), we will consult a groomer and the costs will be passed on to you as the owner.  

  • fleas:We assume that you deworm, flea and check your dog for ticks before your stay. If fleas are discovered upon arrival of your dog, we are forced to refuse your dog for a stay. Are fleas discovered during the stay? Then we will contact you, place the dog in isolation and this  to deal with. The resulting costs will be passed on. 

  • Cancellation: In case of (partial) cancellation of the reserved period, a cooling-off period of 14 days applies. After this period there is no refund of the deposit. During the school holidays, in case of (partial cancellation) after the 14-day cooling-off period, the amount of the entire reservation will be charged to you.   

  • Unneutered males:  Neuterd or unneutered dogs, for us they are both welcome in our facility. However as of 01-01-2024 we will no longer place unneutered males above the age of 1 year together with other dogs. 

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