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  • Pet passport (vaccination booklet) with valid vaccination (more information about vaccination click here). We cannot admit your dog under any circumstances without a valid vaccination. Make sure your details and the dog's name are stated on the passport.

  • Own feed This is not mandatory but it is desirable. Make sure you always take enough with you.

  • Medication  If your dog has an allergy, epileptic seizures, eczema, medication or another medical background, please report this in advance. We like to take (extra) into account our guests to make their stay as pleasant as possible! 

  • Own basket / pillow Your own basket or pillow is of course very nice, but not necessary. We have a decking for all our guests  and basket. If you prefer to bring a basket or pillow from home, choose something that is easy to clean. Because these items can get dirty or break, bringing your own items is at your own risk.

  • Any details? Report this in advance. 

  • Deworming and flea treatment We assume that you deworm, flea and check your dog for ticks before your stay. If fleas are discovered upon arrival of your dog, we are forced to refuse your dog for a stay. Are fleas discovered during the stay? Then we will contact you, place the dog in isolation and this  to deal with. The resulting costs will be passed on. 

  • Data optimization Do you have an online account with us. In this case, check whether all data is still correct.

It's a good thing that you, as the owner, check the last things.
If we have to leave it to our wagging guests, we will only eat, play and sleep..

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